DANCEinED Integrating dance in education for årskurs 3-4


Integrating dance in education foråk 3-4


Ipshita kommer till er skola. Läs nedan hennes text om detta intressanta dansprojekt och om henne själv. Texten är på engelska, dock Ipshita talar mycket bra svenska! Hälsningar /Susanna Freund Widman

Have you thought about bringing creativity to your classroom? What if you could dance fractions, or the movement of the planets around the sun, or maybe how plants make their food?


DANCEinED is a pilot project for schools in Botkyrka. It focuses on learning curriculum through dance and movement. Dancing in itself is fun, but is also a way of learning where knowledge is located in the entire body. This pilot project aims at learning about religion which is part of the Swedish curriculum as proposed by Skolverket. 


DANCEinED uses the Indian classical dance-theatre style of Bharatanatyam to learn and understand about religion through movement and hand gestures.

Why religion?

Sweden is now home to people from diverse religions and culture. Understanding these different religions helps understand the various outlooks of life, builds sensitivity, and encourages integration.

Why dance a religion?

Stories and symbols are an essential part of any religion. Understanding these stories and symbols lead to the understanding of a religion. Dance is an interesting way to enact these stories and understand them.


The Swedish education system lists several goals of education, and acknowledges the different ways to achieve these. These goals are as varied as the students and their ways of learning. DANCEinED addresses more than one aim of schools:

  • It brings about learning of the curriculum
  • It stimulates creativity and helps the student actively learn and solve problems
  • It provides physical activity and therefore promotes good health.

When: Vår termin 2019, 3 classes of 40 minutes each

Where: Classroom and dance/sports hall. One class/

Teacher testimonial

"It can be intimidating for a teacher to teach a lesson using dance if they are not comfortable with it. But working with a dancer/dance pedagogue can be the way forward.

At Viksjöfors skola with dance school Vikjsjöforsbaletten situated in the school garden we have used dance to teach subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, History, and Religion. I have observed how the children grasp the subject and become more curious and creative when using dance in the classroom. It also helps to bring movement and physical activity in the classroom and contributes to developing a healthy individual. I highly recommend integrating arts into curriculum with professional dancer Ipshita Rajesh. Please follow our education on"-Helena Ehrstrand.  Teacher, International coordinator - Viksjöfors skola.  Coordinator, Skapande Skola

About the facilitator

Ipshita Rajesh is a dancer-storyteller, an educator, and a dance-anthropologist. An Indian national currently residing in Uppsala, Ipshita has trained in Bharatanatyam for 24 years in India. This intensive training coupled with a love for stories ignited a passion in her to bring both popular and unheard tales through a myriad of expressions and movements, using elements of dance, music, rhythm, story-telling, and theatre.

Apart from a Bachelor and Masters degree in Bharatanatyam from India, Ipshita is the first Indian to receive the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a Masters in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage (Choreomundus), a joint programme by four renowned universities in Norway, France, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

Ipshita is actively involved in many EU funded projects, the latest-concluded being e-ARTinED partnered by organisations in Sweden (Viksjöforsbaletten), Greece, UK, and Belgium that aims at developing curriculum taught through the arts in schools. She also performs and conducts workshops through Kultur och hälsa i vård och omsorg and collaborates with performing artists of different genres in Sweden and abroad.


Facebook: Kalaa Kathaa | Art Stories

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